Khajjiar :(Hindi: खज्जियार) is a hill station in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh, India, located approximately 24 km from Dalhousie.Khajjiar sits on a small plateau with a small stream-fed lake in the middle that has been covered over with weeds. The hill station is surrounded by meadows and forests. It is about 6,500 feet (2,000 m) above sea level in the foothills of the Dhauladhar ranges of the Western Himalayas and peaks can be seen in the distance.[3] It is part of the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary. Khajjiar can be reached from Dalhousie, the nearest major town and hill station, by bus in an hour or so. It has a rare combination of three ecosystems: lake, pasture and forest.
Mini Switzerland
On 7 July 1992, Mr. Willy T. Blazer, Vice Counselor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland in India brought Khajjiar on the world tourism map by calling it "Mini Switzerland". He also put a sign board of a yellow Swiss hiking footpath showing Khajjiar's distance from the Swiss capital Bern-6194 km. Khajjiar is among the 160 locations in the world that bear topographical resemblance with Switzerland. The counselor also took from Khajjiar a stone which will form part of a stone collage around the Swiss Parliament to remind the visitors of Khajjiar as a Mini Switzerland of India.

Dal Housie & Khajjiar Dalhousie is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, established in 1854 by the British Empire in India as a summer retreat for its troops and bureaucrats.It is built on and around five hills, Kathalagh, Potreyn, Terah, Bakrota and Bhangora.[2] Located on the western edge of the Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas, it is surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Dalhousie is situated between 6,000 and 9,000 feet (2,700 m) above sea level. The best time to visit is in the summer, and the peak tourist season is from May to September. Scottish and Victorian architecture is prevalent in the bungalows and churches in the town.
Dalhousie is a gateway to the ancient Chamba Hill State, now Chamba District of the state of Himachal Pradesh of India. This hill region is a repository of ancient Hindu culture, art, temples, and handicrafts preserved under the longest-running single dynasty since the mid-6th century. Chamba is the hub of this culture. Bharmour, the ancient capital of this kingdom, is home to the Gaddiand Gujjar tribes and has 84 ancient temples dating from the 7th–10th century AD.

Dalhousie & Khajjiar Day by Day Plan*

Day 1:
Overnight journey to Dalhousie by Deluxe bus.
Dalhousie is an amazing tourist destination located in the Himachal Pradesh state of India. A trip to this beautiful hill station is exciting and great fun. The places located nearby the hill station are also equally beautiful and deserves a visit. So, lets how you can spend three wonderful days in this hill town.
Day 2:
Begin your day with at Dalhousie with a visit to Panchpula. It is one of the most popular places in the town and tourists flock here to enjoy the alluring beauty of this place. Panchpula means 'five bridges'. The most popular thing about this place are the rippling streams and the gorgeous atmosphere. On the way to Panchpula is the Satdhara falls. Coming back to the town by mid-day you can make your pick among the various restaurants and have a delicious meal. In the afternoon you can visit the St. John's Church at Gandhi Chowk. It is a beautiful Protestant church that will remind you of the Victorian period. It is an elegant building that has great historical eminence. Your day end by a little bit of shopping at Gandhi Chowk and the Tibetan Handicrafts Center. Evening free for roam at your own. After that at evenings ROADIES optical tasks. At night bonfire with jam session and debates. Dinner & Overnight stay at HOTEL.
Day 3:
On the second day head for Khajjiar, that is located 24 kilometers away from Dalhousie. It will take you a maximum of two hours to reach this beautiful hill station where you can enjoy a numerous activities. Khajjiar is nicknamed as the 'Mini Switzerland' of India.
Places to visit the Dhauladhar mountains, The famous Khajjiar Lake and the Khajji Nag temple. Khajjiar is located at the base of the Dhauladhar mountains and one can get a panoramic view of the ranges from the hill town.
After Sight Seeing Relaxation activities at Mental tasks at HOTEL, D.J night, Mr. & Ms. Camper, BEST CAMPER, Prize distribution by VIGOR. DINNER & OVERNIGHT STAY AT HOTEL.
Day 4:
We can head for Chamba on the third day at Dalhousie. Chamba is a beautiful hill station that is laden with many beautiful places. There are many temples and beautiful places that you can visit here. Onward journey to Delhi in Deluxe bus at 7:00 PM.
Day 5:
Return to Delhi with the unforgettable sweet memories of a college trip.

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