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  • Reasons to choose VIGOR Fitness Camp 

    Great Fun, New Experiences,New Friends, Amazing Camp Location, Fitness Benefits, High-Quality Holidays, Value For Money, Safety And Security, Healthy Lifestyle, First-Class Service.
    Ecotourism is a form of tourism that involves visiting natural areas in the remote wilderness or rural environments. "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." We ensure that all the campers participate in the eco activities and contribute to the nature.


Camp Locations

Vigor Fitness Camps & Tourism Pvt Ltd. fitness camp site is situated at Patal Bhuvaneshwar amidst at the lofty mountains of Uttarakhand, distinctively confronting the Himalayas. Patal Bhuvaneshwar is famous for the phenomenal work of nature there and inside this work there is a truth about Hindu mythology. It is also called as cave city and holds caves within caves where the natural rocks have taken the shape of the characters of the great Hindu pantheon like the hood of Sheshnag, the torso of Lord Ganesha with Sastradal Kamal hanging over it, the cursed Hans (the swan of Lord Brahma) with his head turned, the Kalpavriksha, the udders of Kamadhenu, the Jatas (hair locks) of Lord Shiva, the Saptahrishimandal (the Seven Rishis),the thousand legs of Airavat, the elephant of Lord Indra.

Safety & Security

Security and safety is the primary goal of SF International’s fitness camp, it is also an integral part of our 24-hour daily operation. We teach our participants to develop "expedition behaviour" and our experienced instructors teach safety in every activity. A special attention will be provided to female campers who will be under direct supervision of our female camp counselors. For medical safety we will be carrying a doctor along with his first aid kits throughout our camp. A travel insurance policy to every camper is also been provided to every camper, which is specially tailored to cover all the adventure activities during the camp.

Camp Activities

The activities on offer for the campers are so wide-ranging that there is something for everyone: 
ADVENTURE ACTIVITES: Trekking, Mountain Climb, Valley Crossing, Talent Hunted Competitions, Dance Competitoions, Debate & many more.


Accommodation will be at the camp resort. Campers will sleep in clean, comfortable, single-sex dormitories with en-suite bathrooms, with campers of a similar age under the supervision one of the camp crew member..


Hygienic, well balanced tasty food will be served at regular intervals. Due to the outdoor activities that camper’s take part they are served with energy drinks through the day to ensure they don’t get tired at any point of the day.

Mr. & Miss Vigor Award

In evey tour vigor choose the Mr. & Miss Vigor and give the award to them as a token of love.

Best Camper Award

Vigor gives the best camper award to the student who performs and participate in all events and activites organised by Vigor Team.